Pink Toddler T-Shirt - We Are One Humanity

WEARE1 Toddler T-Shirts (pink)

one humanity. is not a brand, it is a lifestyle. Join the crew and spread the one humanity. message: We are one. There is no “other”.


As a socially responsible venture our mission is very specific - to bring people closer together. All revenue generated from the sale of our one humanity. products, will be reinvested directly into conducting academic research that aims to achieve this mission.


Give one humanity.

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  • one earth - Eco-Friendly Packaging

    As a socially responsible venture, not only do we care about bringing people closer together with each other, we also believe that we should all have a closer connection to the earth that sustains our humanity. As such, we are deeply concerned about our impact on the environment and the future of our planet - our one earth.

    To manage and lessen the impact of making available and shipping our products, therefore, we are taking a series of measures. Find out more here.

  • Details and Sizing

    Product Details

    • 100% preshrunk cotton
    • double-needle sleeve

    Sizing Chart






    Width (in.)





    Length (in.)





    Measuring Width: Measure across your chest about one inch below your armpit, this is the approximate width of the shirt.

    Measuring Length: Measure from the back of your collar down, this is the approximate length of the shirt.

    See more on sizing here.

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