one earth

Committed to reducing our environmental impact, to help make the world a better place.


As a socially responsible venture, not only do we care about bringing people closer together with each other, we also believe that we should all have a closer connection to the earth that sustains our humanity. As such, we are deeply concerned about our impact on the environment and the future of our planet - our one earth.


While most of our activities are all carried out online, the online shop component of the one humanity. venture includes the production and shipping of products to customers.


To manage and lessen the impact of this component, therefore, we are taking a series of measures.


First, we continuously strive to find the best value when selecting the products onto which we apply the one humanity. message. In doing so, not only do we take into account the cost, so that we can keep the items as accessible as possible, we also care about the items themselves, their impact on the environment, and the impact on the communities where these items are produced.


As such, we are pleased to note that all of our products are sourced from manufacturers that take careful steps to abide by international standards for the protection of the environment, monitoring of emissions, and the sustainability of the resources used in production, while also ensuring the utmost respect for the workers and communities where items are being produced.


We are confident also, that thanks to the quality of our products and the importance that the one humanity. message will have for each of you, that you will love each and every one of our items that you purchase.


For example, if you order one of our t-shirts or crews, we are certain that you will wear it often; and we hope that if and when you wish to part with it, you will opt to pass it on to someone else who will love it as much as you have. Also, if that is not an option, there are other ways that you can repurpose and recycle your items when the time comes.

Here are just some examples of how you can repurpose your worn out clothes:


Our second major initiative in our commitment to lessening our impact on the environment is to pay close attention to the way we ship our items to you. To start, we try whenever possible to ship all items directly to our customers, without using any fulfillment centers, storefronts or intermediaries of any kind. Doing this reduces the amount of time each item spends on the road getting to you.


To further reduce the impact that shipping our products has on the environment, we are also doing everything that we can to make sure that our packaging is as minimalist as possible. This means, you will not receive any unnecessary hang tags, or package fillers when you receive your one humanity. items.


And, wherever we can, we will ship orders in the smallest possible packages to minimize the amount of packaging waste while also reducing the space that we take up in trucks, planes, or trains on our way to your door.


To achieve these goals, we are also working with EcoEnclose to source earth-friendly shipping supplies. After much research into the best packaging solutions, we discovered this company and felt that their mission and their products were most in line with the ideal that we are looking to achieve. As they say they "exist to catalyze and support businesses to become a positive force for our planet and humanity. We believe in a future where humans and the earth are thriving together, where humans are a net positive, 'regenerative' force for our planet."

So, when you receive your One Humanity. order, it will be shipped in 100% recycled AND 100% recyclable packaging. Of course, we want your item to arrive in the best possible condition, so even the protective wrapping for each item will be made of 100% recycled and recyclable content.


You can be confident, therefore, when you unwrap your package, that we are being as socially and environmentally responsible as possible, to make sure that none of our packing materials end up in landfill. All you need to do is make sure they get into your recycle bin (all the paper and cardboard is curbside recyclable, while the recycled plastic goes in with your other thin film recycling).


Remember, you can also reuse your packaging, use the mailers to send items to friends and family, or repurpose them for various things around the house such as sorting and storing items, use the kraft mailers as canvases for doodling or creating unique and memorable art pieces, the possibilities are endless, and then recycle them when you're done.


Here are just some ideas for how you can reuse all types of packaging: