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Our Mission

Bringing people closer together with one ultimate message:

We are one. There is no other.

Our Mission

The time has come, we feel, for humanity to chart itself a different course - one that is centered more firmly, first and foremost, on our core similarities, as opposed to navigated for us primarily by our differences.

The logic is straightforward.  Now more than ever before, we feel that we need to work together as one humanity in order to successfully meet and overcome the "wicked" challenges that lie before us and future generations.

Inequality, social injustices, the state of the environment, and sustainable prosperity for all are global challenges and they will more than likely require a compassionate and fair global effort.

However, humanity is unlikely to come closer together on its own without our help.  We all need to take an active role in helping to make it happen - each and every one of us, as much as we can.

We can start, simply by reminding each other, as often as we can, that we are all one and that there is ultimately no "other".

We believe that just by taking this basic step, we can start to make a genuine difference, with minimal effort, and help to foster a greater sense of togetherness, which we need as a common denominator, more now than ever before.

The time is here, to see what we can really accomplish by coming closer together.

Let's all actively strive to move closer together to make it happen!

Our Mission: Details

Achieving Our Mission

One step at a time through ongoing follow-up, research, responsive decision-making and implementation.

You can have absolute faith that our declared mission is not just some lofty tagline designed to pad our bottom line. 

This is not that sort of project.  And this is not just another profit seeking venture.

We are fully committed first and foremost, to making headway on our mission, which is to help bring people closer together.  And here's how we plan to continuously work on it, because making inroads on this mission will take time - it won't happen overnight.

Achievin our mission


the entirety of the revenue we generate, after covering our basic operating expenses, will be reinvested directly into achieving our mission.


That's right, all net profits will be reinvested back into our efforts to bring people closer together.

Achieving our Mission: First


we plan to follow-up with our willing clientele, so that we can carefully research and analyze the sorts of effects that the one humanity. message is having on our customer base and in the public domain.


We also plan to design and establish actual empirical measures that can then be used to more directly track and gauge our ongoing progress.


Of course we will regularly share and update the data that we collect, in an ethical fashion, for all to see and engage with on our website.

Achieving our Mission: Second


everything that we learn along the way will help us to continuously reassess our progress, to take responsive decisions where and when necessary, and implement the adjustments that may be required to stay on course for achieving our mission.

Achieving our Mission: Third

This is how we plan to pursue and continuously work away at making inroads toward our end goal.


And over time, we are confident that our commitment and dedication to this socially responsible venture will help to bring people together, to better understand the ways how such a message can resonate and impact those around us and, hopefully, contribute to bettering the long-term outlook for our common humanity.

Our Mission: Outcome
Our Mission: Links
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