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Can't see your friends or loved ones in person?

While placing your order, choose the "for someone else" option and we will giftwrap your item and send it directly to them!

This way, you can order and ship wrapped gifts to all your loved ones, no matter where* they are, all in the same transaction.


You choose it

While adding your items to your cart, simply select the option "for someone else".

You personalize it

Of course, like all our products, you get to pick the color, size, message (trim), and trim color.

Also, while adding the item to your cart, make sure to include a personalized message that we will write on our one humanity. card and wrap inside the package for you.

We wrap it

There is a small $7 charge that covers the gift wrapping and handling. 

Like all of our product packaging, we use 100% recycled and recyclable earth-friendly supplies. Even the ribbon!

We send it

You can get all your gifts taken care of in one single order, with no extra shipping costs, no matter how many gifts you order!


If this item is part of a larger order, select "for someone else" and, when prompted, just provide us with the full mailing address* for this item including:

  • Full name

  • Street Address and Unit

  • City/Town

  • Province

  • Postal Code


*Shipping to someone in the US?

Currently the free shipping gift option is only available for gifts to be mailed within Canada.

If you wish to send a gift to the US, please make sure to place this gift order as a standalone order and enter the US mailing address as the shipping address at checkout. You can still select "for someone else" option and we will gift-wrap your items and include your personal message.

If you have any questions about this "for someone else" gift option, or anything else, please email us at

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