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One Humanity Inc.

One Humanity Inc. is not your typical business enterprise.

Rather, it is a socially responsible venture that has been conceived with a very specific mission in mind, that is to bring people closer together with one ultimate message: We are one. There is no other.

Our objective is simply to develop a stylish, accessible and versatile product line that helps to disseminate and remind people of this very important message.

There is no doubt that in many ways humanity as we know it today has evolved and progressed significantly over time.

However, in many respects, we still have our work cut out for us, particularly when it comes to dealing with each other and working together to tackle our common challenges and better our collective future.

What often gets overlooked, we feel, is our basic primordial bond, which is that we are all human and that, in this respect, we share a fundamental commonality that binds us all together as one and gives us the foundational premise upon which to strive to remain united, work together, share, seek to better our common co-existence, and compassionately and fairly approach our challenges.

It seems like such an obvious and pivotal point and yet rarely does it receive the sort of prominence, significance and serious commitment that it deserves.

It is absolutely possible to shape the humanity we want and not simply accept or perpetually go along with the sort of humanity that has been framed for us.

At our core, we are one humanity, we are one and in that respect, there is no other.

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